Do you still make custom event candle favors?

Yes I do.


What is shipping cost?

We will be offering FREE shipping till  02-28-2022

Can I pickup my order?

Yes you can by appointment only.

What wax do you use?

We use soy blend wax because of the benefits. They are all natural,  non-toxic , a renewable energy source, have a better melting point and delivers a cleaner burn and have a strong cold and hot throw.


What are Scent Notes?

A candle has three type of notes,, a middle note, and a base note.  A top note is the first scent you `experience` when the candle first burns or when you smell it when it is unlit.


Then, the middle notes, which can also be called heart notes, are the scent results after the top not has faded a little.  This scent that you experience consists of the middle notes of the candle fragrance.


Finally, you then have the base note, which are the scents that reveal itself as the candle is lit and burning at full melt pool

( top layer is melted ).  It can take up to a hour or so for this to occur.   So what is the true and actual of the candle? That would be the mix of the middle notes and base notes.

Should I trim my wicks before each use?

Yes, trim your wick to ¼  inch of length every time you burn your candle. This helps to prevent soot and gives a brighter flame.

Do you charge sale tax?

yes taxes is 6.75% will be included in your total at checkout.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Orders are shipped within 8-10 business days and are sent via USPS priority shipping.


Do you have customer service support?

Yes, we do. Please email us at and we will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.

Will I smell the candle in my entire home and how long will my candle last?

Candles that are 10-14oz will last around 70-80+ hours and are well suited for larger, open areas in your home or studio.


Candles that are 8-9oz will last 50+ hours and are well suited for small-medium sized areas in your home or studio. 


Candles that are 4-7oz will last 25-40+Hours and are great for bathrooms,  beside tables and smaller, cozy spots in your home.

Do you offer returns or exchanges?

Please contact us at and we will work with you to resolve the issue. If the candle or candles/wax are damaged during transit please email use a picture of your damage and we will send you a replace candle.