Hello, my name is Joyce Etheridge the owner of Lady J Luxury Scented Candles.

Lady J Luxury Scented Candles was born from a desire to create luxurious scented candle favors for weddings, birthdays party's, anniversaries and much more, I have now grown into making luxury scented candles for homes, store fronts and offices. 

My love for beautiful things, scents, guided me to create a truly artisan product using soy blend wax in our candles.  In addition,  as owner of Shine Bright Like A Diamond Collection, the packaging are very important to me, I want to make sure that the candle jars and packaging will add Ambience, Embrace and Lush to your space,


I have tried over 20 scents and I am so happy to give you my best three signature fragrance collection I created just for you in mind at Lady J Luxury Scented Candles.


We will continue offering our Rainbow Scent Collection alone with our signature collection

Signature Collection





Rainbow Collection

Variety of Different Fragrances, color candles and wax melts

We use premium quality, food grade, eco-friendly and sustainably sourced soy blend wax.  Our candles, all natural fragrance oils are free of parabens and phthalates.  Soy blend wax burns at a lower temperature, making your candle last longer.

Lady J Luxury Scented Candles are made from all natural ingredients, resulting in a wax that burns pure and clean.

I am looking forward to making your everyday smell beautiful!














Maker- Joyce Etheridge

AKA-Lady J